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Episode 33: Using Technology for Plant-Based Practice with Dr. Laura Chiavaroli

May 10, 2022 Plant-Based Canada
Plant-Based Canada Podcast
Episode 33: Using Technology for Plant-Based Practice with Dr. Laura Chiavaroli
Show Notes

Dr. Laura Chiavaroli is a Clinical Trialist & a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital. Laura has 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition & cardiometabolic health. Alongside her MSc & PhD mentor, Dr. David Jenkins, Laura became skilled at conducting randomized controlled trials & working with dietary patterns, including the Portfolio Diet which is a cholesterol-lowering plant-based diet. Laura also has extensive experience in nutritional epidemiology, specifically in the conduct of systematic reviews and meta-analyses (SRMAs), from her work with Dr. John Sievenpiper. In the past few years of her postdoctoral fellowship, Laura has expanded her experience in knowledge translation strategies, including patient- & physician-facing resource development and web-based mobile app development. Laura also has a great interest in education & elucidating how important public health concerns regarding dietary patterns and cardiometabolic health interconnect with planetary health, while highlighting the importance of equity, diversity and inclusivity. 

Laura is a member of the Plant-Based Canada team, & we are all currently working on organizing the upcoming virtual conference. 

Tickets are now available for the upcoming virtual Canadian Plant Based Nutrition Conference on May 28-29, 2022. This annual conference provides evidence-based education by experts on plant-based nutrition for individual health, as well as highlighting the environmental and social concerns of our food system. 

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In this episode Laura covers:

  • What does “Plant-Based” mean?
  • A sneak peek at a novel new research project 
    • A Portfolio Diet mHealth Application 
    • (Note: given the research on the mHealth Application is ongoing, details are not fully available at this time to ensure the trial is conducted without bias, but stay tuned to, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, & Toronto 3D Knowledge Synthesis and Clinical Trials Unit websites for future details.)
  • Dietary Patterns in Health Guidelines
  • Dietary Values & Needs of University Students
  • University of Guelph Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate
  • Process of Designing a Virtual Course
  • How to Evaluate Evidence
  • Being Eco-conscience

Episode Resources
Portfolio Diet Infographic
Canadian Cardiovascular Society
Research Trial Registration Site (
Toronto 3D Knowledge Synthesis & Clinical Trials Unit
Portfolio Dietary Pattern & Cardiovascular Health
DASH Dietary Pattern & Cardiometabolic Health
Dietary Patterns & Cardiometabolic Health in Diabetes
Forward Food
University of Guelph, Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

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This episode was hosted by Stephanie Nishi RD, PhD

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