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Episode 59: Cooking Up Inspiration with Roni Zaide

July 04, 2023 Plant-Based Canada Season 1 Episode 59
Plant-Based Canada Podcast
Episode 59: Cooking Up Inspiration with Roni Zaide
Show Notes

In this episode of the Plant-Based Canada Podcast we are joined by vegan chef Roni Zaide. Roni became vegetarian on her 11th birthday. Years later she made the transition to a full vegan, plant-based lifestyle. Roni has been cooking in kitchens around the world since 2004. She worked at The Coup in Calgary for seven years, before opening her business -- Roni's Kitchen -- in 2014. Roni loves to share her passion for delicious, healthy eats through a variety of plant-based cooking classes, and her catering services. 

In December 2019, Roni published her first cookbook -- Roni’s Kitchen Cookbook -- which contains 100 plant-based recipes and the stories behind them. The book features recipes from the different projects of Roni’s Kitchen in the past few years:  a brunch pop-up,  weekly meal service, and the cooking classes, as well as some family recipes and recipes Roni discovered.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Roni's long history in the kitchen and her catalyst for going plant-based.
  • Her journey to open her own businesses.
  • Her cookbook and some of the stories that inspired her recipes. 
  • Roni's approach to putting together a meal and how every dish is its own piece of art.
  • The plant-based community in Calgary and how it's evolved over time.
  • Tip for those interested in picking up plant-based cooking. 

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