Plant-Based Canada Podcast

Episode 13: Dr. Chana Davis on the Science Behind Plant-Based Diets and Protein

August 10, 2021 Plant-Based Canada Season 1 Episode 13
Plant-Based Canada Podcast
Episode 13: Dr. Chana Davis on the Science Behind Plant-Based Diets and Protein
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to Dr. Chana Davis, a scientist and science advocate who loves helping people make healthy choices. She founded Fueled by Science in 2018 to fight health misinformation, share digestible science resources, and teach others how to think like a scientist. Dr. Davis covers a wide range of topics, from food, to sustainability, toxins, public health, disease prevention, COVID-19, and vaccines.

Dr. Davis is also passionate about helping others get more plants on their plate. She debunks common myths around plant-based diets, highlights exciting new plant-based alternatives, and even shares some of her family’s favourite recipes.

During graduate school, Dr. Davis focused on studying the human gut microbiome. She then spent a decade working in cancer research, diagnostics, and personalized medicine across non-profit and biotech sectors.

In this episode we discuss:

Dr. Davis' mission to fight misinformation with her website Fueled by Science

What proteins are and how they're utilized in the body

Getting enough protein on a plant-based diet

Protein powders

The misinformation behind protein combining

The claims around collagen and it's 'de-aging' benefits

Plant-based protein versus animal-based protein

Meat alternatives like Beyond Meat and Impossible







Dear Pandemic


What are Proteins and What do They do?

From Bite to Bicep: How Proteins are Made

How Much Protein do You Need? 

Busting the Myth of Incomplete Plant Proteins

Setting the Record Straight on Soy and Health

Dear Pandemic: Engaging with Conspiracy Theorists 



SWAP Meat Study (Crimarco et al, 2020)

Plant-Based Diet vs Omnivorous for Strength Training (Hevia-Larrain et al, 2021)

Protein Amount vs Source for Strength Training (Morton et al, 2018)

Soy vs Animal Protein for Strength Training (Messina et al, 2015)

Development of High-Lysine Rice (Liu et al, 2016)

Protein Powders and Toxicity (Bandara et al, 2020)

This Podcast was hosted and edited by Clinton Stamatovich.