Plant-Based Canada Podcast

Episode 18: Lauren McNeill, RN, MPH on Making Sustainable Choices on a Plant-Based Diet

October 19, 2021 Plant-Based Canada Season 1 Episode 18
Plant-Based Canada Podcast
Episode 18: Lauren McNeill, RN, MPH on Making Sustainable Choices on a Plant-Based Diet
Show Notes

In this episode of the Plant-Based Canada Podcast we talk with Canadian Registered Dietician Lauren McNeill. Lauren has a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics and specializes in plant-based nutrition and women’s health. She graduated from the University of Guelph, and completed her dietetic internship with the Nova Scotia Health Authority where she gained experience in acute-care, nutrition education, public health, diabetes, and much more.

Lauren runs her own private practice, Tasting to Thrive, where she offers both one-on-one virtual nutrition counselling sessions anywhere in Canada…. and her online program, Thriving on Plant-Based Fundamentals. Her goal is helping people from all walks of life succeed on a healthy, whole foods diet -- whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply want to incorporate more plant-based foods onto their plate. She also has a dedicated social media following where she shares healthy and affordable recipes, busts nutrition myths, and provides evidence-based nutrition information.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Lauren's path to becoming a Registered Dietician with a focus on plant-based diets.
  • How Lauren helps clients make health, sustainable choices for the long-term.
  • How a healthy, whole foods eating pattern can help cut the risk of all-cause mortality.
  • Tackling misinformation about vegan diets, but also in the health and wellness space. 
  • How diet and lifestyle can impact women's health issues like PCOS and endometriosis.
  • What Lauren eats in a day and how she takes a plant-based diet on the go. 
  • The issue of food insecurity and food justice in Canada. 


The Adventist Health Study
EPIC-Oxford study (iron levels and other nutrient intake among vegans and vegetarians)
Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Common and Curable Disease (iron deficiency is concern for everyone – not just plant-based eaters)
Dietary intake and iron status of Australian vegetarian women

This Podcast was hosted and edited by Clinton Stamatovich.