Plant-Based Canada Podcast

Episode 24: Drs. Arjun & Shobha Rayapudi and the Gift of Health

January 11, 2022 Plant-Based Canada
Plant-Based Canada Podcast
Episode 24: Drs. Arjun & Shobha Rayapudi and the Gift of Health
Show Notes

Drs. Arjun and Shobha Rayapudi joined the Plant-Based Canada Podcast (@plantbasedcanadaorg) to share their plant-based medical insights for this episode. They are co-founders of Gift of Health, a nonprofit organization based in Newfoundland, Canada, dedicated to revolutionizing lives through lifestyle medicine. Through in-person and online workshops, they have helped hundreds of people prevent and reverse chronic diseases, end the frustrating dieting cycle, lose weight and get off medications.

Both Drs. Arjun and Shobha Rayapudi obtained their medical degrees from Rangaraya Medical College and are certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and hold Plant Based Nutrition Certificates from Cornell University. 

Dr. Arjun Rayapudi is also certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He did his surgical residency training at University of Florida and University of Illinois. He is working as a General Surgeon at Burin Peninsula Health Care Center.

Dr. Shobha Rayapudi is a physician, epidemiologist and researcher. In addition to her medical training, she holds a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Rayapudi says she loves helping people discover the power that they have within themselves, in their own kitchen to revolutionize their health completely.

Through the Gift of Health their mission is to raise awareness about the connection between food/lifestyle choices and health. Help you reach your highest health. Create and Foster healthy environment for our children. Decrease unnecessary suffering on our planet. 

In this episode we discuss:   
*medical and research training
*cultural practices
*healing with a chef's knife vs a surgical knife
*lifestyle coaching program
*Gift of Health 
*Take Home Message

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This Podcast was edited by Clinton Stamatovich